EA...Bacon 'n' Eggz Storyboard

So this is an abandoned storyboard for a short film, based on a comic strip I had in my head and never really got around to drawing. In it, Sir Francis Bacon--philosopher, alleged-author-of-Shakespeare's-plays and inventor-of-frozen-food--sits in a limbo setting with a frozen, back-talking chicken on a snowbank (the setting where his frozen food experiments took place). He and the chicken have lively philosophical debates (Bacon quotes from his own philsophy, the chicken is more questioning and pomo) and wacky adventures (but never leave their snowbank).

In this particular adventure, "A Clockwork Chicken," Frank is conducting frozen food experiments on the chicken, which the chicken is horrified to learn. They debate free will and Bacon's belief that science is moving toward a final and complete understanding of the universe. Their dialogue is interupted by the mysterious appearance robot chicken and hilarity ensues. Or something.

I do still like the idea of this comic strip--I think there's something funny about Sir Francis, and I like the title and many story possibilities leap out at me--but no script I've ever written lives up to my idea of how delightful it should be. Maybe someday I'll figure out how to make it work.

bacon n eggz

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