EA...Chelmsford Needlepoint Pillow

for Greg


greg and I love market basket brand chelmsford golden ginger ale

original chelmsford label pixelated chelmsford label

one wonders when chelmsford became the capital of new england?
also: it's fun to make up new soda mottoes

finished needlepoint finished pillow

"let the children guard what the sires have won" is chelmsford's fer real motto (!)
voila! metallic red embroidery floss is the best part

sept--diy yarn art pattern

the page I did for the Bazaar Bizarre DIY calendar explains my unstoppable pattern-making technique

See also: The Collected Work of Jazareth (X-stitch collaboration with Greg)

magpie pillow patternmoog pattern
virgo california academy of sciences pattern kim deal bass rig pattern Big Muff Pattern

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