dance mix ii dvd dance mix ii dvd
Dance Mix II DVD
New Year 2010
dangeresque cover
dangeresque back coverdangeresque disc
Spring 2008
Soundtrack to a crappy spy thriller
track list is hidden and must be decoded using CD as decoder ring
(forthcoming sequel: Diabolique)
dangeresque trax
nostalgie cover nostalgie back cover nostalgie liner notes
"Nostalgie: Countdown to la Fin du Monde"
Summer/Fall 2006
It is the year 2106. Robots have rebelled against their human masters and the ensuing war leads to a global apocalpyse. The robots attempt to keep the remaining humans in a docile state, using old media clips to lull them into a false sense of nostalgia and comfort. As the earth's temperature rises ever further, the humans become delirious/ecstatic in their final hours. (file under: battlestar galactica meets j. g. ballard meets '80s childhood)
dance mix dvd
Dance Mix DVD
New Year 2005
prettymixinblue.jpg davey jones mix
"A Pretty Mix in Blue by Emily (in italics)" * "Davey Jones"
Late 2002 * Summer/Fall 2000
See also sequels: "A Pretty Mix Too" and "A Pretty Mix, in 3"
mod mod mod mod mix jenifa o jenny
"It's a Mod Mod Mod Mod Mix" * "Jenifa o Jenny"
August 2000 * November 2000
idiot control words n guitar
"Idiot Control" * "Words and Guitar"
March/April 2000 * April 2000
driving mix valentine mix
"Driving" * "Valentine's Day"
1997-1999? * 1996-1997?
wintry mix summery mix
"Winter Mix" * "Summer Mix"
Winter 1995 * Summer 1994

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