Playing Cards

This "Filigree Deck" is a hand-silkscreened, hand-cut set of playing cards I designed. For more information on the history of these cards, see "On the Cards" at "World of Playing Cards"

filigree cards

filigree court cards

Filigree cards © 2001, Emily Arkin

Sketches for various card designs.

Fête au Jardin, a new deck in progress. © 2004.
Fête au Jardin Stationery Sets at Magpie

still from HGTV The making of these cards are featured in an episode of "Crafters Coast to Coast" on Home and Garden Television AND in Bazaar Bizarre the book, by BB craft fair founder Greg der Ananian...you can order it on Amazon.com). Quoth Todd Oldham: "In Bazaar Bizarre Greg Der Ananian takes us on a clever and inspired tour through craft land like we've never seen before. With its clear instructions and loopy attitude, you can be assured this is not your mother's craft book. (Unless your mother is Joan Jett!)"

Not to mention a few articles, in the Boston Globe, Herald, Metro, and Harvard Gazette (see the press page for the articles and a little video clip from HGTV).

HGTV still 2

A couple of "making of" shots from HGTV
see a little video clip! (quicktime, 10mb)


A shot from Bazaar Bizarre the book! by Joe Tanis

pancake posession flippin pancakes

PLAY exhibit and ARTSomerville pancake breakfast ("Pancake Possession" painting by Pauline Lim)

The cards were also displayed at the PLAY Exhibit , alongside my "Game of Rock Star" guitar. PLAY was in the Nave Gallery, put on by ARTSomerville and was curated by Matt Carrano and Kelvy Bird. ARTSomerville and Kelvy both have some nice pictures of the opening reception, where The Blind King played. My musical collective, Handstand Command, and I later flipped pancakes at a benefit for ARTSomerville Aug. 7.

Gazette Photo

Outtakes from a shoot for the Harvard Gazette. credit: Kris Snibbe/Harvard University News Office

The filigree deck has been spun off into many other media...
pips tattoo design my tattoo

The pips for this deck were based on sketches for my tattoo and a few other people have gotten filigree-card ink as well! (Thanks to Meg, above, for sending a photo)

bottlecap magnets

Card symbol magnets I made for Bazaar Bizarre.

tarot pogs

People always ask me when I'm going to make a tarot deck...I just remembered that I made some tarot pogs, back in the poggy '90s.

chips queen megan

Matching poker chips * A 1" button made as a going away present for my coworker-friend Megan.

napolitane tray of cookies

A new Napolitane deck design, in progress / playin card cookies!


Playing Card/Through the Looking Glass-Themed Mini-Croquet course for the Somerville Open


To make a box for playing cards, try this slipcase pattern by my master bookbinding friend Stacie Dolin.

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