EA...Miscellaneous Crafty Projects:

Yarn Arts and Other Handiwork

Usually as gifts for family + friends but sometimes for Magpie or Bazaar Bizarre

(See also: Playing Cards, Guitar Game, From Boston to Algiers)

Big Muff Pattern Magpie Augury Pattern Moog Pattern Moog Pattern Living Roof Pattern
Jazareth Cross-Stitch Projects
with Greg (Musichematics for Upcoming Exhibit, Living Roof for Danielle and Jeff)
Spring 2009-2010
3s company belt buckle
Three's Company Glitter Belt Buckle
for Jonathan
Spring 2009
kaffe fassett napkins
Kaffe Fassett Napkins
for Mom
Napkin Rings from Etsy
Winter 2008
Doodlebug Zine
Color Inkjet on Construction Paper with Electrical Tape
for Aaron Rose's workshop, Danielle/Jeff and Hsuan
Fall 2008
professor chaosprofessor chaos
"Professor Chaos"
Undead Chicken/Criminal Mastermind Stuffed Toy
Highwater Books Retreat
Summer 2008
pacman pumpkins
"Pac-Man Pumpkins"
for Project YUM
Fall 2007
dogs playing pong
"Dogs Playing Pong"
Mini Black Velvet Paintings
for Bazaar Bizarre
Winter 2006
Dress Form Diorama
for Simone
(see also: Bazaar Bizarre Snowglobe for Simone, Summer 2004)
Summer 2006
"Rise Up!" Minishrines
Winter 2006
Playing Card Cookies
Winter 2005/2007
love craft12orku ringeater of worlds, knitter of scarves
"1 2 ork U" 20-sided die ring.
yog sothoth barrettebaby with yog sothoth barrette
Lovecraftian barrettes
Fall 2005
chelmsford pillow
Chelmsford Needlepoint Pillow
for Greg
Spring 2005
beaded curtain
Beaded Window Dressing
Winter 2004
Decoupage Tins
for Bazaar Bizarre
Winter 2003
Liberty Baby Quilt
for Lil Lucy Crane (with lotsa help from Stacie)
Fall 2003
4 pacmand puppets
Pacman Hand Puppets
for Jef and Jon
Fall 2002
magnets magnets
Bottle Cap Magnets
for Bazaar Bizarre
(playing cards and temporary tattoos not shown)
Fall 2001
purse change purse
Purse Set
for Jen
Fall 2000

Here's me and assorted craftiness at every Boston Bazaar Bizarre ever:

2009 2008
2009 by scott walker; 2008 by simone alpen 2007 2005
2007 and 2005 by chris braiotta
2007 2006
2007 by chris braiotta; 2006 by jeff oishi 2004 2003
2004 by don halcombe; 2003 by craig bostick 2004 2003 2002
2004 by hsuan tsen?; 2003 by tara mckay?; 2002 by stacie dolin? 2001 2001 by jen godfrey? and stacie dolin

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